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Check here often for neighborhood event listings and links to related community associations and organizations. Our neighborhood schools are also listed.

Bart & Cheryl Szczarba’s Blossom Blog

Long-time Wooster Square residents Bart & Cheryl have a blog that tracks the daily progress of the cherry trees in the park and neighborhood-wise. Check it out regularly.

Wooster Square Watch

Wooster Square Watch’s goal is to bring together people who live and work in the Wooster Square neighborhood to reduce crime, address quality of life issues, and promote rewarding, neighborly relationships.  Watch members take care of our neighborhood and look out for each other. Through the Watch, we have organized our concern into email alerts and strategies to keep the neighborhood safe.  Our current Watch Captain, Sarah B. Greenblatt, attends weekly community policing meetings – COMPSTAT – and sends out weekly email reports related to public safety and other issues of interest. Click the link above to sign up for regular e-alerts.

SeeClickFix – Wooster Square Watch Area

Once you go to the site and are on the Wooster Square area, click “follow Wooster Square” and you will  receive alerts on happenings in our neighborhood. You can customize what you receive by using key words, like “muggings” or “vandalism” or whatever area is of the highest concern for you.

The greatest benefit to, which was founded in New Haven, is the ability to get things done. Many neighbors have shared stories of issues that were resolved because so many New Haven residents voted on them. When an issue gets a lot of votes, it gets a lot of press and it gets the attention of those with the ability to fix it.

Wooster Square Cooks

A highly popular Facebook page, allows participants to exchange recipes, talk about food memories, and show off their cooking and baking skills. They can ask each other how to make something or can show each other how creative they are in the kitchen.
Hopefully, they will also join together for dinner or lunch in one of the Wooster Square restaurants four times a year. This will give us an opportunity to meet face to face and get to know each other. posted 5/13/21

DWSCMT – Downtown Wooster Square Community Management Team

Downtown Wooster Square Community Management Team consists of members of the community who have organized to serve as a forum for problem-solving, information exchange, and decision-making centering around neighborhood quality of life and public safety issues. 

Open to all who are interested, DWSCMT meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m., either at City Hall or on Zoom. Each month the Police Manager for Downtown/Wooster Square joins the meeting to relay the police activity for the month. Additionally, guest presenters speak on subjects important to the area. This is also a great venue for people to express their wishes, concerns or desires for their neighborhood.

The Management team has been in place and has been for more than 20 years representing the Downtown/Wooster Square area. There are 11 Teams throughout New Haven.

Wooster Square Neighborhood Heritage Exchange

Great posts about what is happening that relates to the local Italian immigrants and their families and their activiites.

Taste of New Haven

Taste of New Haven aims to create enjoyable leisure activities connecting people with local food, culture, history and each other. They educate, entertain and inspire their guests, partner restaurants and shops and onlookers. They also work to create an interactive community invested in the City of New Haven to help make the City a more viable, vibrant and safe cultural destination. Click on the link above to check out their tours and events.

Yale Urban Resources Initiative

URI is a not-for-profit university partnership that

  • fosters community-based land stewardship
  • promotes environmental education
  • advances the practice of urban forestry

URI has done a study of the status of the cherry trees in Wooster Square (download the pdf.)  and helped acquire and plant replacement trees and more in spring 2011. We had a great new intern from URI, who helped with park maintenance. As in the past, URI supplied all the plants and tools.

Elm City Parks Conservancy

Elm City Parks Conservancy (ECPC) is a not-for-profit parks advocacy organization serving the New Haven parks system. Their mission is to strengthen public awareness of and participation in the city’s parks. They build partnerships with individuals, park friends groups and other community-based organizations, and sharing resources.

ECPC’s scope is as broad as the New Haven Parks System, a network of over 100 parks and green spaces.

The partnering of ECPC with the New Haven Department of Parks, Recreation & Trees provides many opportunities for new programs, new monies and new ideas, that positively influence the direction, management and shape of our parks and monuments. ECPC is a regular presence at public hearings and park events. From individual park festivals to city-wide planning meetings, ECPC provides support, information and advocacy assistance for New Haven park users.

New Haven Preservation Trust

Since its founding in 1961, the Trust has played a key role in the preservation and restoration of the New Haven Free Public Library, the New Haven Post Office and Federal Building, New Haven City Hall, the John Davies Mansion, Union Station, and countless private residences and commercial buildings throughout the city. Through advocacy, distribution of information, historic research, tours, and private consultations, the Trust continues to be New Haven’s advocate for the architectural heritage, including the modern architecture, that defines our city.

  • Help to define relevant issues and develop preservation strategies;
  • Offer financial assistance through the Connecticut Trust’s Historic Preservation Technical Assistance Grants and Historic Buildings Financing Fund;
  • And offer training session for local historic district commissions.

New Haven Land Trust (Gather New Haven)

The New Haven Land Trust is a nonprofit organization dedicated to land conservation, environmental education and community vegetable gardening in New Haven. It links with City Seed.

New Haven Museum

The New Haven Museum celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2012. Founded in 1862 as the New Haven Colony Historical Society, it was created by a group of leading New Haven citizens who feared the political and social upheavals that could occur with the outbreak of the Civil War. They were determined to preserve the history and traditions of the Greater New Haven region. The New Haven Museum continues this tradition of preservation with a collection that includes folk, decorative and fine arts, an extensive photographic archive, and a unique manuscript collection. 

City Seed Farmers Market

City Seed’s first – and still signature – Farmers Market is its Wooster Square Market, established in 2004. City Seed’s mission is to engage the community in growing an equitable, local food system that promotes economic development, community development and sustainable agriculture. Its vision is to create a sustainable model of local economy, urban community, regional agriculture, environmental stewardship, and well-being through food. The market is held every Saturday from May through December in the back parking area of Conte West Hills Magnet School when it moves inside. The market can be accessed from both Chapel St. and Greene Street.


HomeHaven/East Rock Village

HomeHaven/East Rock Village, a non-profit, was organized in 2012 to help senior citizens feel comfortable living their lives in their own homes.  This 501c3 organization provides useful services to seniors living in Wooster Square. Check out the web site for more information.

City of New Haven

You’ll find a variety of services and lots of links to useful information.
The city’s Office of Transportation, Traffic & Parking is the source for residential parking permits. The Department of Parks, Recreation and Trees is an important resource for us all. And the Department of Arts, Culture & Tourism is a great source of local events.

Info New Haven

Great information (as the name implies) about all that’s happening in the city – from special events to hotel, dining and shopping options. Tips to enhance New Havening living and lots of great links.

Wooster Square Info on the Connecticut Town Greens Site

Wooster Square Area Schools

Wooster Square area has a variety of schools, most of which are New Haven magnet schools:

Conte-West Hill Magnet School – Grades K- 8
511 Chapel Street

High School in the Community –  Grades 9-12
175 Water Street

Metropolitan Business Academy – Grades 9-12
115 Water Street