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These are exciting times in Wooster Square. U-Haul has revived and moved into the former C. Cowles building on Water Street. Construction of 299 new apartments on Olive and Union Streets has begun; there is a new pizza bar & restaurant on Wooster Street; and the former St. Michael’s school and convent buildings is being developed into residences.

Our members are homeowners, renters, students, businesses and others who have a vested interest in ensuring that Wooster Square continues to be a beautiful, dynamic, and peaceful place to live and work.


  • Initiate neighborhood beautification projects
  • Represent neighborhood interests with Zoning, Historic District, Park Department and other city agencies
  • Keep residents informed via website, Facebook, newsletter, meetings & more
  • Organize the Cherry Blossom Festival and other events. (This year is our 47th!)
  • Lots more to enhance our neighborhood – have you noticed the tree plaques in the park? and the restored benches?

To join or renew please complete the form below, pay your annual dues ($25 (homeowner/business) or $10 (renter) via the appropriate PayPal “Donate” button below.  

Or send your check, made out to Historic Wooster Square Association to:
PO Box 9242
New Haven, CT 06533

Note: All other contributions in support of Historic Wooster Square Association may also be sent to that address to the attention of Wooster Square Conservancy

Volunteer: If you have a special interest or talent you can share, please include it with your membership information. We are always looking for volunteers, and right now we have opportunities our Board of Directors. 

 You may also e-mail us directly at

Homeowner or business dues $25

Renter or student dues