Wooster Square Conservancy

Here to Assist You as a Neighborhood Partner

The Wooster Square Conservancy (WSC) was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) corporation in October 2008 and is affiliated with the Historic Wooster Square Association. The current Board has six Directors, all neighborhood professionals who serve with no remuneration. (See board member list below.) WSC does not have an annual budget. Funding is raised specific to each project through corporate sponsorship, gifts and in-kind services.

Specific Objectives and Purposes

“To contribute and cooperate in the preservation, support,
maintenance, prevention of deterioration, beautification, safety,
and viability of historic Wooster Square Park and surrounding areas all located within the Wooster Square Historic District, City and County of New Haven and State of Connecticut. Further to enhance the availability of said park and surrounding historic district for the continued enjoyment of all individuals regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, age or ability.”

Recent Activities

  • Offered tax deduction for Cherry Blossom Festival Sponsorship
  • Partnered with the Priory Condo Association 2014-2015 to write and receive an Historic Preservation Technical Assistance Grant (HPTAG) for a major renovation project and continuing maintenance plan
  • Presented an educational outreach program for owners and residents of local historic properties. Invited state and local experts were on hand to provide information and guidelines about opportunities for historic property maintenance and renovation projects.
  • Served as Historic Wooster Square Association partner and fiduciary for the Wooster Square Park Bench Renovation Project, a two-year endeavor completed in Spring 2016.

Ongoing Activities

  • Support “Harvey’s Walk,” an initiative is under way to beautify and enhance – in honor of the late Harvey Kozim – Russo Park, the area abutting De Palma Court that hosts City Seed Farmers Market every Saturday.
  • Ally of new neighborhood organization – “Wooster Street Neighborhood Improvement Association”, Bill Iovanne, Jr. acting president.

Conservancy Board – 2020-2021

Bonnie Rosenberg, President
Cordalie Benoit, Legal Counsel
Charlotte Eliscu, Treasurer
Charlotte Murphy, Secretary
William Harold

Contact Us

    or: PO Box 9242, New Haven, CT 06533