Updated 7/18/21

Wooster Square Park
is the center of activity

Despite the pandemic, people still enjoyed the neighborhood. Wearing masks, they brought their pizzas from Wooster Street to the Park, where it is easy to relax and be socially distant. Kids (with masks on, too!) ran and rode trikes, scooters, and bikes. People tossed balls with care. Musicians were invited to play and people come out to enjoy.

The pandemic has lessened, and we’ve even had an official concert. Lots of picnics; lots of pizza; lots of fun.

What is Going On:

Wooster Square Monument Replacement

In late summer 2020, Mayor Justin Elicker named a committee to determine an appropriate monument to honor the contributions of Italian American heritage in New Haven. They researched and developed the form and identity for a monument or similar symbol of appropriate dimension and stature that represents the Italian American experience and will be placed atop the existing or, if necessary, modified pedestal in Wooster Square Park.

After posting a request for proposals and receiving many, they have narrowed choices to six proposals.

Click here to see more on our Wooster Square Monument Committee page.
You will find:
• A summary of the project
• Links to each Zoom presentation

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