Historic Wooster Square Association

Working to keep the 
strong & vibrant

Working to keep the neighborhood strong & vibrant
Working to keep the neighborhood strong & vibrant

The 2019 Friend of Wooster Square award went to Elsie  Blackshear Chapman, 
neighborhood icon.

Learn more about Elsie, as well as our previous honorees.

Wooster Square is Living History  - It's also the scene of lively living
Families relax, the kids play, school groups have recess and games (see photo), and friends of all ages play ball. People read, do yoga or tai chi, walk their dogs, have picnics - and enjoy pizza!  
Wooster Square is truly a living park.
Wooster Square park is the center for enjoyment and relaxation. This photo is from June 23, 2019.
The underpass on Chapel St. between Franklin and Hamilton Streets today.

Wooster Square Public Art Project underway
to enhance neighborhood

From family picnics to birthday parties to concerts, festivals, school graduations and more, Wooster Square Park, shown above, is a vibrant place.  The concept behind this new project is to use historic and contemporary photographs mounted on the sides of the Chapel Street/I-91 underpass, above it it looks now, to portray the wonderful history and culture of the neighborhood.

Learn more on our Public Art Project page.

119th Saint Andrew Festa 

on St. Andrew Club Grounds

enlivened a recent  weekend

The Festa opened on Thursday, June 23, with the traditional procession carrying the statue of St. Andrew from the St. Andrew Society  grounds through Wooster Square. Hundreds of people of all ages enjoyed great live music, kids activities, and delicious  Italian food - fried dough, calzones, sausage grinders, pasta fagiola, broccoli rabe, eggplant Parmesan, fried clams and calamari and more. 

The Festa continued through Sunday, ending with an even larger procession led  by a marching band through the Wooster Square neighborhood.

Click here for more photos.

updated 7/16/19

Neighborhood History

Leo Marino was born 90 years ago on Greene Street and grew up in what was then a poor Italian neighborhood. He has written a book, "The House on Greene Street," about his life with family and friends during that early history of Italian immigration to Wooster Square.

Available in most local bookstores, including those in surrounding towns.
(Updated 7/16/19)



The 46th Annual 

Cherry BLossom Festival

was a hit, despite chilly & damp weather.

 Sun., April 28, 2019  

The blossoms had bloomed and left 

a carpet of pink petals!

People arrived and started enjoying the food and visiting the artists, authors, and the tremendous range of local non-profits. (see top photo)

The children's activties were, as usual, hugely popular. 

Some bands were unable to play because of the weather, but 

Carlos y Su Momento Musical, a local group with Latin & Caribbean rhythms and salsa dancing played on.  (photo, above).

Check out the story by Markeshia Rickets in the New Haven Independent

"Wooster Square Blossom Fest Dances in the Rain"

4/28/19   •  8 p.m.

and check out the Blossom Blog

Cherry Blossom Festivals • USA

There are many, and "National Geographic Travel" has posted a great article about them on its website.

And Wooster Square Cherry Blossom Festival the 3rd one mentioned.  Yea!!!!

Click here to read the article.  
And thank you to Becky Bombero at Parks & Recreation for referring them to us.

Posted 3/2/19

The Village:

Life in New Haven’s Little Italy

This video tells the story of our Wooster Square neighborhood, for many years a tight-knit Italian-American enclave. It has had multiple, packed showings in New Haven and beyond. For more details and a link to watch the video, click here.


All About the Q Bridge Project

A very informative book, The Q Bridge Program, was  just released. It is packed with photos and images and tells a  great story we all can relate to.  Click here for details and purchasing information.
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