Historic Wooster Square Association

The 47th Annual
Cherry Blossom Festival
planned for April 19 was cancelled due to Covid-19.
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Here’s what the park looked like on April 19; no Festival, but many happy users – all social distancing.

About HWSA:

The Historic Wooster Square Association (HWSA) is dedicated to preserving, enhancing and celebrating the wonderful Wooster Square neighborhood of New Haven, Connecticut. Learn more about what we do.

What’s Going On:

From the annual Cherry Blossom Festival to celebrations of local history to park and neighborhood beautification, it is a vibrant area. See what’s coming up and what’s happened recently. Click to see.

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Our members are homeowners, renters, students, businesses and others who have a vested interest in ensuring that Wooster Square continues to be a beautiful, dynamic, and peaceful place to live and work. Join or renew your membership.

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