Wooster Square Park

The Park is still the center of activity

Despite the pandemic – and even the winter snowfalls – people are still enjoying the neighborhood. Wearing masks, they bring their pizzas from Wooster Street to the Park, where it is easy to relax and be socially distant. Kids run and ride trikes, scooters, and bikes. People toss balls with care.

Everyone looks forward to the cherry blossoms. There will be no Festival this year, but check back for special, safe activities.

Next Festival: April 24, 2022!

The pandemic continues, but so does the spirit of the neighborhood. Check the photos below, and check back to see what is happening.

Also be sure to check out Bart Connors Szczarba’s blog on cherry blossoms in bloom – everywhere!!!


Enjoying the Park, With Care
During COVID-19

Picnics have become even more common. Take out pizza is popular!

Lots of activity, but with social distancing, masks and respect.

The weekly Farmers Market, moved to behind Conte School because of the pandemic, is pre-order pick-up only between 10 & 11 a.m. Open to all from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Lots of building activity has been going on all ver the neighborhood. This is the renovation of the long-vacant St. Michael’s Convent into the Lofts at 250 Greene St. The school and parish hall are also in the final stages being renovated. All these buildings are already least partially occupied .

Like many restaurants, the iconic pizza spot, Sally’s on Wooster St. moved outside, converting its parking lot to pleasant outside dining with well-spaced tables.
Now with colder weather, the lot accommodates cars for pizza pick-up.

Columbus Statue Removed

On June 24, the statue of Columbus was removed from Wooster Square Park after nearly 130 years. (see photo above) The process took several hours.
There were many people present to support the removal, many who objected to the removal, and others there who felt the removal was necessary to protect the statue, which can be used to educate future generations of all aspects of Christoper Columbus.

Background: In the midst of this historic moment, rumors of possible defacing of the Columbus monument in Wooster Square Park had surfaced. Many community members came together to look for reasonable solutions.

The Columbus statue was installed here to remind us of the Italian-American contributions to our City.  The decision was made to move it to a museum so that our residents can, if they choose, learn from our history and remember its full context — context that includes both the important contributions Italian immigrants have made to our city and nation, and also the horrible acts of violence that Columbus and other colonialists perpetrated against indigenous people throughout our history. 

No surprisingly, there has been lots of media coverage. Visit our “What’s Going On” page for some interesting links, including a letter from Mayor Justin Elicker, in which he names the committee that will study the issue and make recommendations for replacement.

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