Public Arts Project

Wooster Square Public Art Project for Chapel St./I91 underpass is in proposal stages

The drive to preserve the neighborhood’s historic buildings, the vibrancy of its restaurants, and the beauty of the park (especially at the time of the Cherry Blossom Festival) attracts people of all types who seek to live in a village-like place within the city.

The purpose of the Wooster Square Public Art Project is to use historic and contemporary photographs mounted on the sides of the Chapel Street/I-91 underpass to portray the wonderful history and culture of the neighborhood. This permanent exhibition of photos will provide a history lesson; but it will also celebrate the Wooster Square of today.

In addition to recognizing the historical and cultural significance of Wooster Square, we want to  impress upon city residents and visitors alike the importance to our community of the bonds of shared experiences and shared values.

A small, informal committee has been meeting for nearly a year to lay the groundwork for the project.  They have reached out to residents for their help in choosing the most compelling photographs.  (See a few samples, below).


Now the committee is reaching out more broadly in an effort to transform the original idea into a reality. Help will be needed in designing and managing the project, and, most importantly, in raising the money that will be required to bring it to fruition.

A few of the photos being considered for the Public Art Project /Underpass

Images  will reflect the area’s history and its vibrance today. Each image will be interspersed by a graphic such as the Wooster Square Park fence, cherry blossoms, or the Wooster Street arch.