Wooster Square Monument Committee

The goal of the committee appointed by Mayor Elicker in late summer 2020 was to determine an appropriate monument to honor the contributions of Italian American heritage in New Haven. Chaired by Bill Iovanne and Laura Luzzi, the committee researched and developed the form and identity for a monument, statue or similar symbol of appropriate dimension and stature that represents the Italian American experience and will be placed atop the existing or, if necessary, modified pedestal in Wooster Square Park.

Many neighborhood residents serve on the committee:  

Carl Babb, New Haven Parks Commission
David Belowsky, New Haven Parks Commission
Frank Carrano, Wooster Square Historian (grew up here),
Branford Resident
Elsie Chapman, Historic Wooster Square Association
Andrew Consiglio, Santa Maria Maddalena Society
Paul Criscuolo, St. Catello Society
Rheta DeBenedett, Santa Maria Maddalena Ladies Society
Rep. Rosa DeLauro, U.S. House of Representatives
Frank Gargano, St. Andrew Society
Sarah Greenblatt, Wooster Square Resident
Bill Iovanne, Wooster Square Business Owner
Adriane Jefferson, City of New Haven Director of Arts and Cultural Affairs
Laura Luzzi, Italian Heritage Committee of Greater New Haven
Vin Mauro, New Haven Resident
Charles Murphy, Wooster Square Resident
Dan Onofrio, CT State President Sons and Daughters of Italy in America
State Rep. Al Paolillo, Jr., Connecticut General Assembly
Michael Piscitelli, City of New Haven Economic Development Administrator
Cindy Rosarbo, St. Andrew Ladies Society
Rosa Santana, Ward 13 Alder
Aleta Staton, New Haven Cultural Affairs Commission
Neil Thomas Proto, Advisory Role, Historian


On Wednesday, July 28, after reviewing six proposals, members of the Monument Committee voted overwhelmingly to support Marc-Anthony Massaro’s Indicando la via al futuro (Pointing the Way to the Future) to replace the statue of Christopher Columbus that came down last June. Massaro’s sculpture (see below) features an Italian immigrant family of four as they arrive in the United States. The artist grew up in Wooster Square and now runs a studio in Branford.  See details in Lucy’s Gellman’s excellent article on Feb. 10 in the Arts Paper, published by the Arts Council. Click here to read,

Next steps:

The WSMC worked diligently, making their decision based on reviewing six proposals. They continue to oversee the project.

This public art project will be privately funded through grants and community donations. No money will be coming from the City of New Haven. This is a source of Italian American pride and heritage. updated 3/12/22