Friend of Wooster Square

The annual program to honor our heroes was included in this year’s (2022) celebration.
Charlie and Charlotte Murphy, who live in a condo at the corner of Greene and Academy Streets, were honored for their many years of work for both the Festival and the Historic Wooster Square Association. Charlie served as co-chair of the Festival for seven years; Charlotte maintains the HWSA website and handles public relations.
Previous Friend of Wooster Square Award Recipients

2022 • Charlie & Charlotte Murphy
2019 • Elsie Blackshear Chapman
2018 • William G. Iovanne (Bill Jr.) and Marianne Mazan
• David Moser, Landscape Architect, City of New Haven
• New Haven Fire Department • Engine #4 & Truck #1
• I-95 New Haven Harbor Crossing 
             Corridor Improvement Program * Q Bridge
• Peter Webster * Co-Chair, Cherry Blossom Festival
2016 • Christy Hass
2015 • Luisa DeLauro, former Ward 8 Alder, New Haven’s longest serving Alder
2014 • Theresa Argento & William Iovanne, Sr.
2013 • Beverly Carbonella
2012 • Alex Bragg, Bill Buick & Peter Thompson
2011  • Officer Peter Krause, New Haven Police